Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sleeping Bed

                 In today's topic we will see about our sleeping bed. We will have seen many types like foam bed, water bed, air bed etc.., Many bed room shows the visibility of ones personal life. If the bed is clean and too glamourous then the couples are more attractive to each other.
              By keeping bed too clean we will have good sleep. Sleep carries the main role for human life. Every humans have to sleep up to 8 hours.By doing this their body wont get tired easily. A good sleep keeps the brain fresh in morning. When the brain is fresh all the activities will be done easily and the days will go too good.
              For all this we need a good bed. So always decorate your bed room. Have some pleasant perfume. Have a good light system. Mainly consider on pillow use silk pillow to increase your mood and sensation with your loved ones. Wash your feet before going sleep and have a mild warm milk. By doing this we get good sleep. That's all for now.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Love Each Life

                 Today we are going to see about love. Its a word of magic. Its a word of power. Its a word of true. According to me love is true, but the person who loving each other has to be true. If they are not true with one another people will not blame them they will blame only love.

Its a toughest world, were we all are running like a bullet train with no entertainment. Spend one day with your loved ones fully you know the real meaning of happiness. Just hug her/him treat like baby you feel the joy. God greatest gift to every mankind is your life and that life depends between two people. Share your feelings, please don't avoid your loved ones. In some cases we may get angry on loved ones but after that realize how important he/she is. Because avoiding them may not get happy, just be flexible
 you will see happiness. So love each and every life in earth without racism, color, caste....,

I know the feeling when our dear ones leaves.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Official Languages  -  Spanish (majorly 40 languages spoken)
National Flower      -  Orchid
National Bird          -  Venezuelan Troupial
National Tree          -  Araguaney
Food Culture          -  Polenta with sausages


Official Languages - Shona, English, Sindebele
National Emblem   - Stone-carved Zimbabwe Bird
National Animal     - Sable Antelope


Official Languages - Vietnamese
National Emblem   - It contains a circular red background and a yellow star with Communist Party of        Vietnam. There is Cog and Crops. It represents for agriculture and industrial labour.
National Animal    - Dragon, Tiger, Water Buffalo
Food Culture        - Nem cuon


Official Languages - Bemba, Kaonde, Lunda, Nyanja, Tonga (70 languages spoken)
National Animal     - African Fish Eagle
Food Culture         - Nashima, Ifisash, Chinaka

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Official Languages  -  Swahili, English
National Bird          -  Grey Crowned Crane