Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clear your doubts by online tutor

During my school days I hate some of the subjects like chemistry, physics, maths. But these subjects are considered to be important ones for our future knowledge. We use those three subjects in our daily life. The modern technology which is growing today are used by those three subjects. Without them there will be no rapid improvement in technology side. Its acts as a back bone for science and technology. So i have no chance of avoiding those subjects. I concentrated on those subjects by going to tuition. But there may be time consuming problem for me. They taught the subject by seeing the books. We cant learn extra information.

But due to the technology invasion we can learn extra information on the subject which we are focusing through. One of the good feature brought by today's internet technology is online tutor. Among the online tutor, TutorVista is considered as best tutor for clarifying any kind of subject doubts in an easy way. Students who utilize these online tutor can easily learn by sitting in home itself. Using these time not wasted. They can easily get any kind of Chemistry help and Physics help.

TutorVista provides you best teachers during online. They all are highly qualified masters. Hence it is easy to solve Chemistry Problems and Physics Problems. The problems are solved in an easy manner with step by step process. If you have any doubt you can get a detailed information by our highly skilled professors. You can easily study chemical equations, Molecular structures etc... Using the help of this tutor you can achieve accurate Chemistry Answers and Physics Answers for any questions asked in your exams. Mainly physics has lots of problem we can easily solve by Physics problem solver session. Moreover these online tutor works under 24X7. They also offering a free demo for the new members. Using these demo session we can analyze their strategy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intruder M1800

Suzuki has introduced “ Intruder M1800 “ in India. Recently I saw the bike in one of the shopping mall in Chennai. What a bike it was. It seems to be gaint standing in front of me. Bike has a solid muscular style. After seeing this bike, one who hates bike may get into love.

Actually these bike has been launched in year 2006. But right now only they are introducing in India. The price is pretty much higher. Its around 12.5 lakhs according to Indian money value.

Lets see the overall configuration of this “ Intruder M1800 “

Year introduced - 2006

Engine type - Twin type

Stroke - 4

Gearbox - 5-speed

Compression - 10.5:1

Weight - 396.8 pounds or 180.0 kg

Height - 46.5 inches or 1,180 mm

Length - 97.8 inches or 2,485 mm

Fuel capacity - 4.3gallons or 19.5litres

Wheelbase - 67.5 inches or 1,715 mm

Front tyres - 130/70R18 M/C 63V tubeless

Rear tyres - 240/40R18 M/C 79V tubeless

Engine capacity - 1783cc

Brake - Disc brake for both front & rear

Price - 12.5 lakhs

Intruder M1800 Side View

Intruder M1800 Top View

Intruder M1800 Back View

Friday, March 12, 2010

Poker is an interesting game

Games are loved by all type of age. Games are played in video or on online games. Online games have more value than playing in video games. There are many sites which offer many online games. We can earn cash and friendship in online games. In online game there are many types. For each type of game, there may be an individual website, where they advertise that they offer many cash prize. Seeing those website many people will pay money, after paying they would realize that it is a fake website.

To overcome those problem there is an site named This site helps to play poker game via online. There are many rooms were we can choose our room to play poker. They also list the reviews for each room. Its easy to play just by downloading and we get connected to play. To play this game the site offers an account to create by user. After creating an account they will provide an Full Tilt Poker Referral Code. By giving these Full Tilt Poker referral code we can easily select our rooms. Each rooms has various Full Tilt Poker Bonus. We can earn more bonus by choosing correct rooms which will be suitable for us to play.

We can see who all are winning in this poker game by seeing poker news in the website. We can also read articles about poker game. They also contains forum. We can easily discuss about the game in that forum.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Scorpio is a Mahindra product. The company was founded in 1945. Mahindra vehicles are rich in their high quality, ruggedness, durability, reliability and easy maintenance. Mahindra Scorpio was designed by IIT graduates. Mahindra Scorpio was build as competition for Tata Safari. Scorpio is awarded as “Car of the Year”. Scorpio is liked by everyone for its muscular style.

Model Type Prize

Scorpio 2.6 Turbo (Std) CRDe 7 - 8 lakhs

2.6 DX CRDe 8 - 8.5 lakhs

2.6 Sportz CRDe 8.5 - 9 lakhs

2.6 SLX CRDe 8.5 - 9.5 lakhs

2WD Rev 116 (P) 7 - 8 lakhs

Scorpio is available in Diamond White, Java Brown, Fiery Black, Mystique Purple and Rocky Beige.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Diamond White

Mystique Purple

Java Brown

Fiery Black

Rocky Beige

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen is a German Company. German engineering products are best in quality, especially making of cars. They create class A cars with finest finish. Recently, they launched its world popular super luxury small car, Volkswagen Beetle, in India.

Price - Rs 21 lakh/-

2 litre, four cylinder petrol engine

6 speed automatic transmission

2000cc Beetle engine belts out 115 hp

4 airbags


One of the greatest Class A cars is Mercedes-Benz. It also belongs to German creation. It is considered as luxurious cars around the world. Mercedes-Benz was founded on 1881. Mercedes-Benz cars not only available in Class A, it also available in Class S, Class B and Class C. It has all the special features with modern technology. You can see the Mercedes-Benz in Transporter movie.

The picture represented here called “carlsson-mercedes-s-class”.