Friday, October 5, 2012


          Let’s see about toys in today’s blog. Toys are funny creations by us. Most of us like toys very much. There was no age limit; from baby to old people all of us will like toys. Toys are given as gift during Birthday, Christmas, New Year etc..,
          I like toy cars very much. Toys are the first step for education level for kids in my point of view. They use their imagination in toys. They used to broke and repair it. Here starts the learning methodology.
          During our ancient civilization toys are made up of wood, clay, and stone. Using clay, they used to make toy dishes. Using wood, toy horse and doll were made. Children used to play with these. But now in our modern civilization all things are made with new technologies. Children are learning with these toys. Even toys are seen as a friend. During bed time all girls used to hug a teddy bear toys and then they fall as sleep. Boys used to build robotic toys. Architectural toys are also available. With the help of these most children build with their imagination and also they learn alphabets with these kinds of toys.