Friday, May 28, 2010


Now we are going to see about Reebok. Reebok is an subsidiary of the great “ Adiddas “ shoe company. Joseph William Foster was the initial founder of concern. He makes an small living in Bolton, England by making shoes. He founded a small company in 1895 with his adult son named “ J.W. Foster and Sons “. In 1924, Summer Olympics they produced high quality sports shoe. Later Foster’s grandchildren named Joe and Jeff Foster founded “ Mercury Sports “. Previously Reebok old was called as Mercury Sports. In 1960 the name changed into Reebok. The word Reebok means ‘ roe male deer ‘. In 1979 they landed in North America and became the competitors for Nike, Adidas and Puma. As of 2007 there shoe factories are in 14 countries. There are 75,000 workers.


In 1982 they concentrated in free style athletic shoe, it was designed for women. Due to this the aerobics started fame. They also move their idea on casual wear. There apparel are produed in 45 countries. They sponsor for Indian cricket team. In 2009 IPL matches they are the main sponsor for Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal challengers and Kings XI Punjab. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rahul Dravis, Yuvaraj Singh and Yusuf Pathan are also sponsored by Reebok. Their grow like an rising sun, their products plays in major role.


As soon as you see a jumping cat what comes in your mind? Yes its puma. As we all know the founder of puma was “ Rudolf Dassler ”. Puma was called as ‘Ruda’. Puma is an German make company. Its product also served worldwide. They produced athletic shoes, foot wear and sports wear. As Rudolf Dassler seperated from his brother he started his own shoe company named “Ruda”. The first two letter of his first name and first two letter from his last name together ‘Ruda’ name mentioned for his new company. Rudolf Dassler changed his company name as puma in 1948. In 1948, West German national football team wear the puma shoes. Later they landed into FIFA world cup football in 1970. The greatest football player Pele wear the puma shoes. In 1972, PUMA provided running shoes for Summer Olympics. There are 9,204 employees in the year 2007.


Puma is well known for sports shoes. They are the main sponsor for the greatest football players like Pele, Diego Maradona, Lothar Matthaus etc.., Due to this their fantasy grows more and more. In running they sponsor for Jamaican player ‘Hussain Bolt’ who won three gold medals. PUMA owns 25% of American brand sports clothing. In 2005, they entered in India and they became one of the favourite brands. During IPL, they sponsor for two teams called Deccan Chargers and Rajasthan Royals. They also sponsor for Sourav Ganguly the main batsman for India. Then they landed in making perfumes, watches, tshirts etc..,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stock trading

To earn money people choose many options for their side income. Due to this they select as many wrong options and lost their money. Some people invest their money in stock trading. By doing these they double their margin value and assert value. Without knowing the technical aspects people get into stock trading and loose their money.

To overcome these kind of problem there is an site named called DecisionBar, where they list all the methodologies in their software. In online there are as many as stock trading software. But these kind of software was worthless due its common terminology rules. By using these software we can achieve loss more than gain. But in case of Decision Bar, they are concentrated on different methods. You can see various images of screen shots about their software product on their website. You can see various methods of applicable rules. Hence we can gain more in stock trading when you are in trade. We can gain as much as we can by applying their methods in real time stock trading.


We all know about the brand Nike. Well I like these brand very much. Especiall I like the tick symbol. Lets see about the history of adidas. As we all know adidas is te second, but Nike is the first shoe manufacturer among world wide. Nike is an United Sates company. It was founded on 25th January, 1964. The founder of nike company was “ William J. Bowerman and Philip H. Knight “. At first it was called as “ Blue Ribbon Sports “ and officially the name was changed to Nike on the year 1978. The company headquaters is situated in Wasington County, Oregon, United States near Beaverton. There product was served to world wide. Hence it ranks first. There are more than 30,200 employees in Nike as of 2008. The profit gained by nike in 2009 was $19.2 billion. In Greek the name nike is termed as “ Greek Goddess of Victory “.


Later nike landed into many new products., like t-shirts, perfumes, sunglasses, soccer balls. It entered into various atheles products. In 1982, nike entered its ad in television. For Indian team Nike offers offiial kit sponsor. It put an agreement from 2006 to 2010. Not only for cricket, it also sponsored for an leading football teams like Brazil, Portugal, Manchester united etc..,. It also sponsored for golf players like Tiger Woods, Paul casey and Immelman. I like nike t-shirts very much. There caption is too catchable “ Just Do It “.


We all know about the brand adidas. Well I like these brand very much. Especiall I like the three stripes. Lets see about the history of adidas. Adidas is German based sports company. They manufacture all types of sports products. It is the largest sports manufacturer company in Europe. When compared to world wide adidas ranks second largest sports manufacturer. First position is occupied by “ Nike “. The logo above is the old one. The company was founded in 1924, but it legally registered in 1949. The founder of adidas is “ Adolf Dasster “. Company headquarters situated in ‘ Herzogenaurach, Germany ‘. Throughout the world wide they have their shop. No of employees worked in adidas was 39,000 in 2009. They have earned 245 million euro in 2009.

Adolf Dassler mother had a laundry in German. He produced the shoe there only. Later Rudolf Dassler joined the business. They named the company as “ Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory “. By their hard work they developed their products. In 1936, Summer Olympics Adi Dassler i.e Adolf Dassler take his spike products in suite case and give to ‘Jesse Owens’ to use them. Jesse Owen got four medals in that Olympics. Hence the shoe brand also popularised. Every sports man liked the shoe very much. The business boomed they sold more than 200,000 shoes.

Both brothers were splitted by politics even though they belonged to same party. Adi registered his company as “ adidas “ on August 18 1949. adidas – All Day I Dream About Soccer. Some even thought the nick name of Adolf Dassler as “ adi “ and his family name Dassler “ das “. Later Rudolf Dassler started a new firm called “ Ruda “. But later it has been renamed as “ Puma “.


Adidas mainly focussed on football kits. Later they also concentrated on apparels. Then they focussed on all sports. They also manufatured t - shirts, watches, sun glasses, caps, socks, perfumes etc., They not only concentrated on mens products, they also manufatured womens products too. In 1990s, Adidas signed a contract to wear their sports shoe with “ Sachin Tendulkar “. Even for Indian Premier League (IPL) they sponsored for “ Mumabi Indians and Delhi Dare Devils “ . In 2009, Adidas signed to use there bat for “ Sachin Tendulkar and Kevin Pietersen “. A challenge plays!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Info about Stock

People are busy in their daily life by working. They don’t even have time to spent relaxation. All are concern about money and the status of their living. To earn money they are working with restless life. Some people invest their money in stock trading. By doing these they double their margin. Many people don't know the methodology in stock trading. Without knowing they just enter into the stock market and loose their money.

To overcome these kind of problem there is an site named called DecisionBar, where they list all the methodologies in their software. Many stock trading software gets in to failure because they have ordinary specific rules. On these case we cant achieve in stock trading. But in case of Decision Bar, they are concentrated on different methods. You can see the screen shots of their software product on their website. It list all the online strategy when you are in trade i.e what you have to do and what you not. By doing these your financial status will improve.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free from Drug Addiction

People are busy in their daily life by working. They don’t even have time to spent relaxation. People are spending most of their time in doing their job. Some people may work more than 10 hours to earn more. Lots of tensions and distress occurs due to this. Even some people spend their weekend in their office. There is no relaxation, body pain occurs. To resolve these kind of problem they are taking drugs and alcohol. By using these drugs and alcohol they find an deviation to their overtime work.

Not only elders some college students are also involving in taking alcohols and drugs. By addicting to these kind of habits they are wasting there life span and there career. There is an golden opportunity for those who gets affected by drugs and alcohols. There is an drug rehab treatment center called axishouse. These drug treatment center offers various services. You can see there services by visiting there website Highly trained doctors are servicing in alcohol treatment.

They also conducting alcohol rehab programs which may useful for patients. These alcohol treatment center don't look like an treatment center, it looks like you living in your house. Hence inpatient feel so comfortable by taking treatment in an residential environment. Nutritionally balanced meals, internet access and laundry facilities are provided. They also service for outpatient too. Patient details are maintained too secured. Come here to recover soon from drug addiction.


By seeing the picture itself you all will identify what I am going to write about. Yes, its about one of the greatest comedy cartoon I liked to watch i.e., Shin-chan.

Lets see the history of Shinchan first. Shin-chan is an Japanese animation series its also called as Japanese manga. These series is written by “Yoshito Usui”. Its all about a 5-year old boy named “Shinnosuke Shin Nohara”.

First Shin-chan appeaed in an weekely magazine named called “ Weekly Manga Action “. These magazine was published by “ Futabasha “. Later it is published in television the channel named called “ TV Asahi “ on April 13, 1992 and also some world wide television network. Shin-chan consists of 52 episodes in manga series. But now there are 700 episodes in TV animation.

Shin-chan series is now translated in several languages. FUNimation Entertainment has the licence for Shin-chan series in US as of 2005. Shin-chan series released in India in 2005 on Hungana TV. Being in India there are several languages spoken. Hence In India, I am in Chennai.

My mother tongue is Tamil. I came to know the Tamil version in 2009. These series consists of some adult oriented stuff. Hence most of the scenes are removed. But being watched in my language I can understand the comedy easily. But some scenes have been edited and then only published here. Hence the originality of the cartoon is missing any way I enjoyed these series.


He is the hero of the series. I like is eyebrow. He acts too mischevious. His move impress me. If you watch these you all will go to your childhood age. Shin-chan likes action komin. He used to eat choco chips and ice creams. He always cares about Himawari his younger sister. We will see her about next. Shin-chan always stick with friends. He speak too much but this is what everybody likes. He gets beated by his mom and get a bulby on his head. But he wont care about that.


The cutest little bubbly character in series is “ Himawari “. I like her little cheeks very much. One of the added advantage is her sparkling eyes. If she sees any jewels or handsome guys her eyes begins to sparkle. She always stick with her mother. She wont stick with her father very often she will stick. But he love his brother very much. She do all kind of waht shin chan do.


This is Shin chan family. On the left hand side you can see Mr.Nohara ( Horoshi )and Mrs.Nohara ( Misae ). They are the father and mother of shinchan. The cutest little dog is called as “ Nevat “. Misae always take care of himawari while she also checks whether shinchan is doing trouble. I like when she gets angry. Because when she is in angry she become toughest woman. Mr.Nohara do any thing for their kids. But she loves young girls. Like his father shinchan also love girls. Both get into trouble with Mrs.Nohara by watching girls.


The first kid is called as “Nene”. Like her mother she used to punch a bunny toy when she is in anger. Most often her friends make her anger. Hitting a bunny was her style in this series.

The second kid is called as “ Kazama “. He always used to be clean. He acts as leader for his group. But the truth was everyone acts as a leader. He always advice shinchan and gets into trouble.

The third kid is called as “ shin shan”. We have already seen about him.

The fourth one is called as “ Maso “. He afraids of everything. I like his voice very much. His comedy action makes everybody laugh.

The fifth one is called as “ Bo chan “. He gets cold attack. His appearance gives real life kids one who attacked by cold.

School life

The top one was shinchan school principle. Shinchan used him to call as “ gang leader “. Below the two ladies was called as “ Yoshinaga on the left and Matsusaga on the right “. They handle different classes. Shinchan and his friends comes under Yoshinaga class. These two teachers always have cold war seems who is beauty and who’s class is best. When they are in quarrel professor gets into trouble.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bullion coins

Gold represents the symbol Au. Au is the element name for gold in periodic tables. The word Au represents the Latin name as aurum. It’s a transition element. The purest form of gold coin will be in bright yellow color. It is considered as purest element by soft and shiny appearance. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is considered as highest purity of gold bullion coin at 99.99%. The Gold American Eagle with a value of 22k. American Buffalo gold bullion coin also considered as highest purity of gold bullion coin at 99.99%.

The gold bullion coins like Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Gold American Eagle, Australian Gold Nugget and American Buffalo are produced several years like 1930’s to 2006. These gold coins are rich in value due to its purest form in market now. Nowadays people are buying gold for their savings or for their traditional purpose. There is more need of gold in market. Many people don’t know how to invest the gold in market. They simply save the gold in bank or in safety lockers. To gain more money from gold they need to buy gold bullion coins, which listed above. It’s available in goldcoinsgain market, where we can buy bullion coins at lowest price and again selling in market for highest price.

They give best advisors before buying coins. You know the strategic plan and profit you are going to get. They advice you when to sell the coin in the market. They also introduced gold IRA plan. Using these plan we can have a great growth on asset value. Morely many investors are preferring this plan. The coins sold by them are genuine and certified one. So you can gain profit margin from buy coin now and selling later year using goldcoinsgain.

Truck Accessories

In the busy world people spend most of their timings in traveling. The traveling may occur from their home to office or they may travel for any vacation. For travelling they may use different kinds of vehicles. Some have heavy vehicles for their business purpose, some have cars. Due to the technology crisis many new modernized vehicles are emerging. They are used in an efficient manner. Some people may have the habit remodelling their vehicles. People who uses heavy vehicles like trucks often find some problem in their accessories by continuous usage.

If they goto repair shop the accessories which fixed by mechanics may be twice the price. In some cases there may be difficult in finding the accessories parts because it may be rare one. To solve these kind of problem there is an site named, where we can find car and truck accessories easily. There main aim is to provide all kind of best accessories with affordable price. They list out all kind of interior and exterior accessories like super springs, molded mud flaps and truck bed extender etc.., for trucks and cars. Even they list out offers for various accessories.

They list out their product price along with their products. It is easy to choose by seeing different kinds of brand and their prices. Mode of payment for buying those products are handled in an secured manner. Shipping charges are free. They have reliable customer services.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently I watched Hungama Tv. Hungama Tv is an cartoon channel. In that channel they programmed an cartoon called Doremon. Now this was my favorite cartoon. Being in India at Chennai I used to watch this cartoon in my language which gives understand easily. Lets see about this cartoon details.

Doremon is a japanese cartoon series. It was created by two author named Fujiko F. Fujio and Fujiko A. Fujio. These cartoon series first appeared in 1969. It was published in 6 magazines. These series was published by an publisher name called “Shogakukan”.

The above animated figure is called as Doremon. He is an robotic cat. He comes form 22nd century to help Nobita family who lives in 20th century. Its interesting character. He will create any kinf of devices by using his pocket which was available in centre of his stomach. He always helps “Nobita”. These cartoon tells the life style of Japanese people. Children can learn many things like respecting elders, table manners, keeping the house clean, inventing new things, pet caring and global warming etc.,

Dora Cake

Doremon favorite food is “ dora cake “. He eats as many dora cake he wants. Nobita offers dora cake to doremon in case of any special device he wants to accumulate. While eating these dora cake doremon forget the whole world.


These cartoon image represents “ Nobita “. His innocent character can be liked by everyone. He always gets into trouble even he uses doremon devices. Some time he cheats doremon itself and gets into trouble. Finally doremon helps him out of the trouble. He always beaten by Gian. Some time with the help of the super device he beat Gian. He loves Susuka very much. He will be always late to school. He wont finish his home work properly.


Another interesting character is “ Susuka “. She likes playing music. She knows to play piano. She love every livingbeing. She always stick to Nobita. Because she likes Nobita innocence (not in all case). She loves to make cookies. She lives in an decent manner. I love these girl very much.


The centre one is called as Gian. He is an interesting character too. He always beat Nobita without any reason. On the right hand side of Gian is Suneo. He always stick with Gian. He was too rich boy. He always plays with costly toys and it will be snatched by Gian. Finally he brokes the toy, then what Suneo will cry. Beside Suneo charater called Dorami, who is Doremon’s sister. Some time Doremon gets into trouble by his gadget. At that time Dorami help him.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Easy Rules Easy Play

Games are loved by all type of age. Games are played in video or on online games. Online games have more value than playing in video games. There are many sites which offer many online games like poker, black jack, roulette, craps, video poker and slots. We can earn cash and friendship in online games. Poker and online slots games are usually played in casinos. It’s a gambling game. In online game there are many types. For each type of game there may be an individual website, where they advertise that they offer many cash prize. Seeing those website many people will pay money, after paying they would realize that it is a fake website. United States is the place for casino. People in US play more online games. Hence many fraud sites are created for online games.

To overcome this, there is a site named onlinecasinospotlight. They introduced various types of online casinos. Games played here are very easy to understand. They reviewed each and every site and listed in their website. They also rated the features for each and every casino online site. The ratings are based on important aspects like graphics, customer selection, and payment option. Hence we can easily deposit our cash and we can play from the downloaded software like a real time environment experience. They also give guide on worst casino gambling mistakes which should not be done.

Moreover, the information which we provide during registration securely maintained by encrypting our details in high secured manner. Hence no third parties can hack your information. Onlinecasinospotlight proudly presents good quality of casino sites where we can trust and earn money by knowing all the features of online games.