Monday, October 26, 2009

Milky Way Galaxy

The picture represents Milky Way Galaxy. Our solar system belongs to “Milky Way Galaxy”. Milky Way Galaxy is approximately 100,000 light-year in diameter. The thickness of the disk is about 1,000 light years. Galaxy is surrounded by a disk of gas, dust and stars. It seems to be in spiral shape in structure. It spins in logarithmic spiral shape. The centre of Milky Way is termed as ‘Galactic Core’. Around this Galactic core our solar system is revolving far beyond. There are many numbers of solar systems around in one galaxy. Even there are many different types of galaxies are there. Our sun is termed as Local spur in galactic core. The disk is surrounded by globular clusters and many old stars. Our whole solar systems need about 220 million years to complete one orbit to the Galactic Center with a speed of 250 km/sec. The disk has many arms. They are Sagittarius Arm, Centaurus Arm, Cygnus Arm, Perseus Arm, Carina Arm and Orion Arm. Our solar system belongs to the minor arm called Orion Arm or Orion Spur.

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