Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dolphins come under Mammals category. Dolphins are the cutest creature according to me. As of I know there are 40 species of Dolphins. I call Dolphins as Dolphy. Dolphins are carnivores they eat fish the most. Unlike fish it cannot breathe under water it often comes to the surface to breath. I love dolphins a lot because of its cute and lovely appearance and its playful behavior. Dolphins produce sound in water and with the help of the echo it goes on its way other sounds like boats sounds etc will make dolphins to confuse and it cannot reach its target properly when they go in group. It has been liked by everyone ranging from child to the old matured people. Dolphins are similar in nature as of humans. Male dolphins are so aggressive to their companions. Dolphins dive, whistle and will entertain us so badly. It makes variety of sounds using nasal air sacs.

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