Monday, November 16, 2009

Donald Duck

We all aware of Mr. Donald Duck which was shown in above picture. Among Disney Characters Donald Duck also considered as an important character. Donald Duck was first introduced in a cartoon named “The Wise Little Hen” on 1934. The appearance of Donald Duck looks so cute especially when he is in great temper and in anger. The way it speak really amuses. It will always wear a sailor dress, with a hat. He won’t wear trousers. His whole body is in white color. The anger of Donald duck can be reduced by only his lover named Daisy Duck. Donald duck will melt like an ice when daisy lifts her eye brow. The voice of Donald duck was given by “Clarence Ducky Nash”. Later after the death of Clarence Ducky Nash, Tony Anselmo gave voice to Mr. Donald Duck. Donald Duck was also called as ‘Donald Fauntleroy Duck’.

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