Monday, November 2, 2009

Evolution Of Species

We all know that humans are derived from Apes. We also knew about Neanderthal man details in my blog. Our human species are categorized various generations. They are Homohabilis, Homoerectus, Homorudolfensis, Homogeorgicus, Homoergaster, Homoantecessor, Homocepranensis, Homoheidelbergensis, Homoneanderthalensis, Homorhodesiensis, Homosapiens sapiens, Homosapiens idaltu, Homofloresiensis. These are the generations lived millions of years ago. Their fossils and skulls found in different countries. “We all know that human are derived from Apes “but all the species lives in our earth are derived from mouse and from the mouse various stages of animals mutated. Due to the meteoroids affect in earth all the big creatures like dinosaur completely vanished. But little creatures like mouse which dug under earth are completely safe. From this stage our livings started. If you would have seen the face of an each animals by comparing with head of a mouse their will be some similarity.

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