Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Ag is the element name for Silver with an atomic number of 47. The name platinum derived from Latin called ‘Argentum’. It looks like silver color. It’s a transition metal. Silver is considered as highest thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of any metal. Silver and Platinum looks like same, there may be lot of confusions while the ore found to identify whether silver or platinum. Silver is used in various ways. It is used as utensils, jewels (ring, chain, bracelet, watch strap, bangles etc,). The compounds of the silver like Silver iodide are used for artificial rain. In olden days silver coins are used. Silver is used as amalgam for dental filling. They are also used in medical field as antibiotic. Silver bullion coin is used for trading purpose. Mostly Greek used silver coin. Silver played a major part in coinage period. There are many type of silver bullion coins, they are Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagle, Chinese Silver Panda, Mexican Silver Libertad and Russian George the Victorious.

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