Monday, November 23, 2009


Granny is a character come in Sylvester and Tweety mystery. She was the one who cares Syslvester the cat, the Tweety bird and the bull dog. She always take the three with him if he gone to any place in finding for investigation. Actually she will not find any case, but Sylvester wants to catch the Tweety bird. By catching he uses several funny techniques. Finally the case solves by the bird and cat only. Granny always takes the Tweety bird in cage. Some times Sylvester get beat by granny using her umbrella. “Little Red Walking Hood” was the first cartoon granny appears. It was taken on 1937. The voice for granny was given by Bea Benaderet and June Foray. Even granny appeared in baby looney Tunes, who cares all the Looney tune character.

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