Monday, November 9, 2009


Pluto is an interesting character in Mickey Mouse. It is the pet dog for Mickey Mouse. Where ever Mickey goes Pluto will follow him. Pluto was also called as ‘Pluto the Pup’. In 1930 Pluto was introduced in “The Chain Gang”. Until 1934, Pluto plays only a simple character. Walt Disney and Norm Ferguson created the animated image of Pluto. Mickey and Minnie have speaking capacity. But Pluto only can bark and show facial expressions. In the first cartoon i.e., The Chain Gang it was no name. Then later the dog was named as “Rover” in the cartoon “The Picnic”. In 1931 “The Moose Hunt” cartoon changed Rover into Pluto the Pup. Beside the picture of the Pluto, a small dog is named as “Pluto Junior”. Pluto junior won’t stay in a place. All the time get into the trouble and it will escape with the help of his father “Pluto”.

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