Friday, May 28, 2010


As soon as you see a jumping cat what comes in your mind? Yes its puma. As we all know the founder of puma was “ Rudolf Dassler ”. Puma was called as ‘Ruda’. Puma is an German make company. Its product also served worldwide. They produced athletic shoes, foot wear and sports wear. As Rudolf Dassler seperated from his brother he started his own shoe company named “Ruda”. The first two letter of his first name and first two letter from his last name together ‘Ruda’ name mentioned for his new company. Rudolf Dassler changed his company name as puma in 1948. In 1948, West German national football team wear the puma shoes. Later they landed into FIFA world cup football in 1970. The greatest football player Pele wear the puma shoes. In 1972, PUMA provided running shoes for Summer Olympics. There are 9,204 employees in the year 2007.

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