Sunday, May 23, 2010


By seeing the picture itself you all will identify what I am going to write about. Yes, its about one of the greatest comedy cartoon I liked to watch i.e., Shin-chan.

Lets see the history of Shinchan first. Shin-chan is an Japanese animation series its also called as Japanese manga. These series is written by “Yoshito Usui”. Its all about a 5-year old boy named “Shinnosuke Shin Nohara”.

First Shin-chan appeaed in an weekely magazine named called “ Weekly Manga Action “. These magazine was published by “ Futabasha “. Later it is published in television the channel named called “ TV Asahi “ on April 13, 1992 and also some world wide television network. Shin-chan consists of 52 episodes in manga series. But now there are 700 episodes in TV animation.

Shin-chan series is now translated in several languages. FUNimation Entertainment has the licence for Shin-chan series in US as of 2005. Shin-chan series released in India in 2005 on Hungana TV. Being in India there are several languages spoken. Hence In India, I am in Chennai.

My mother tongue is Tamil. I came to know the Tamil version in 2009. These series consists of some adult oriented stuff. Hence most of the scenes are removed. But being watched in my language I can understand the comedy easily. But some scenes have been edited and then only published here. Hence the originality of the cartoon is missing any way I enjoyed these series.

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