Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently I watched Hungama Tv. Hungama Tv is an cartoon channel. In that channel they programmed an cartoon called Doremon. Now this was my favorite cartoon. Being in India at Chennai I used to watch this cartoon in my language which gives understand easily. Lets see about this cartoon details.

Doremon is a japanese cartoon series. It was created by two author named Fujiko F. Fujio and Fujiko A. Fujio. These cartoon series first appeared in 1969. It was published in 6 magazines. These series was published by an publisher name called “Shogakukan”.

The above animated figure is called as Doremon. He is an robotic cat. He comes form 22nd century to help Nobita family who lives in 20th century. Its interesting character. He will create any kinf of devices by using his pocket which was available in centre of his stomach. He always helps “Nobita”. These cartoon tells the life style of Japanese people. Children can learn many things like respecting elders, table manners, keeping the house clean, inventing new things, pet caring and global warming etc.,

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